Hot Cross Buns for Easter!

We have decorated easter egg shortbreads in a variety of festive colors, $3.50 for a large cookie, or $5 for a pack of 3 smaller cookies.  We'll also have Hot Cross Buns Saturday and Sunday, ready by 12noon each day.  $3/bun!  We do typically sell out of Hot Cross Buns, so please place an order if you'd like to ensure we have some set aside for you!


Flourless treats for your Passover Seder!

We have special treats for your Passover Seder!  Passover items will be available Friday 4/11 through Friday 4/18.  Easter items coming soon!

Chocolate Caramel Matzo Crunch!

-sea salt

-crystallized ginger

-toasted coconut

6oz bag for $3.50


Coconut Macaroons

-plain  $2.00

-chocolate dipped  $2.50

-double chocolate walnut  $2.50


Wheat Free Lemon Almond Cake

(a flourless cake made with almond meal and a lemon glaze)

$3/slice,  $20/whole cake


Closed for Retreat- Monday, April 7th!

It's that time of year, when we ditch the city and make our way to the headlands to have our annual retreat.  The bakery WILL BE CLOSED on MONDAY 4/7 (as well as our weekly Tuesday closure on 4/8).  Maybe you want to squirrel away an extra chocolate chip cookie, or grab a light bake pizza to bake at home so you don't miss us while we're off doing trust falls and various team building exercises.  We'll see you on Wednesday, reaffirmed in cooperative joy.

Some price increases starting April 2nd --- Incremento de Precios a partir del 2 de Abril


Hey there customers and friends of the bakery!  


We want to give you a little heads up about some price increases that we have coming up next week. 


Since opening in 2010, we've gone over 4 years of business without raising prices (with the exception of the cherry corn scone when there was a cherry shortage and costs of cherries skyrocketed last year).  We've hit a point where all of our costs- ingredients, labor,  equipment, site improvements, and general operating costs, have risen over time.  In order to keep up with our expenses, we've been working to identify products that could stand to have an increase in price, as well as products that should remain the same.  We're having a lot of conversations around the intersection of making high-quality and delicious food, keeping our products affordable, keeping our business both functioning well and profitable, considering and respecting our neighborhood, and valuing our own labor and ideas by attempting to provide a livable wage amidst the rising cost of living in SF.  These are both exciting and difficult conversations, ones we feel are hugely important in doing our due diligence as a local, community-oriented, cooperative business, especially in the changing climate of our city.  


A full menu with changes will be posted on April 1st, with changes to go into effect on April 2nd.  Some examples of changes you can expect to see are: an increase of 25¢ on all brioche pastry products (brioche knots, chocolate things, cinnamon/pecan rolls, blueberry snails).  Pizza will stay the same at $2.50/slice and $20/whole pie.  


As always, we welcome your conversations, thoughts, concerns, and questions.  


Thanks for your understanding!



Estimados clientes y amig@s,


Desde el año 2010 en que abrimos nuestra panaderia no hemos incrementado los precios (excepto el "Corn Cherry Scone" ya que hubo escaces de cerezas secas y los precios se fueron por las nubes el año pasado). Hemos llegado al punto donde todos nuestros costos: ingredientes, mano de obra, maquinaria y costos en general, han incrementado de manera insostenible. Para poder sostener los gastos, hemos identificado productos que pueden tener un pequeño incremento, asi como tambien productos que no tendran cambios en los precios. Estamos trabajando en mantener nuestros productos de alta calidad y a la misma vez que sean de precios accesibles para el éxito y el buen funcionamiento de nuestro negocio con consideracion y respetando a nuestro vecindario, asi como también valorando nuestra propia mano de obra y nuestras ideas. Estas conversaciones son emocionantes y difíciles a la misma vez , ya que sentimos que es muy importante cumplir con nuestro compromiso como un negocio local, orientado a la comunidad y cooperativo, dados los cambios que esta atravezando la ciudad.


Algunos ejemplos de los cambios que puede esperar: incremento de 0.25¢ en todos los productos de Brioche (nudos de brioche, cosa de chocolate , rollos de canela y pecana) Pizza se va a mantener en los precios actuales. Vamos a publicar una lista de todos los cambios en los precios el 1 de Abril y que van a entrar en efecto el 2 de Abril.


Como siempre estamos abiertos a sus opiniones, pensamientos y preguntas. 


Gracias por su comprension!




March holiDAZE!!!! National Pi(e) Day! Purim! St. Patrick's Day!

There's so much to celebrate!  This weekend is a triple whammy...


3/14 National Pi(e) Day!

We're celebrating Pi day with, what else, PIE!!!  We'll have slices and whole pies of Strawberry Rhubarb!  $4 for slices, $20 for whole pies!



Saturday 3/15- Sunday 3/16 we'll have Hamantaschen for your Purim celebration.  Shortbread Haman's pockets- filled with traditional poppy seed, housemade blackberry jam and strawberry jam.  $3 for a large cookie or $5 for a pack of 4 small cookies.


St. Patrick's Day!

Irish Soda Bread Sunday 3/16 and Monday 3/17!  OUr Irish Soda bread is a spiced quick bread spiked with whiskey soaked fruit.  $3 for a small (scone size), and $7 for a large.


King Cake! For Mardi Gras!

Come on by this weekend and get your King Cakes for your Fat Tuesday celebration!  We'll have your festively decorated cakes from Saturday 3/1 through Monday 3/3, they should be fresh out of the oven, frosted, and sprinkled by 12noon each day.  Cakes are $20.  Feel free to pre-order either by stopping by or calling the bakery at 415-826-9218 to ensure we'll have one set aside for ya!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!


hey sweethearts...

Happy Valentine's Day!  We have some sweet 'n' seductive treats for you and your honeys this week, starting Wednesday February 12th!

Red Velvet Cupcakes- $4

Decorated Shortbread Cookies- $3.50

Chocolate dipped Strawberries- $5 for a 2pack

<3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3


Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Gearing up for your SUPERBOWL party?!  Come get your pizzas starting at 11:30am- Mixed Mushroom with Gorgonzola and Mozzarella cheese and a Sun dried tomato pesto.  Grab other tasty treats for your spread while you're here- baguettes and hummus, blueberry + sour cream tea cake, cookies and shortbreads....


Arizmendi at the Mission Community Market

Did you know we're at the Mission Mercado on 22nd St, in between Mission and Valencia, every Thursday from 4-8pm?  

It's only a few blocks from the bakery, but it's a nice way for us to be out in the community among other food makers, farmers and craftspeople, to be a part of our neighborhood.  You could come grab your organic produce from Blue House Farm, and your locally raised meats from our neighboring tent, 4505 Meats, and then you can step on over to us and grab your sourdough loaf and a cheddar jalapeno crunch for the walk home!


Stop on by and say Hello!  Every Thursday, 4-8pm!

We're Hiring!!!

Want to become a worker-owner of a local, radical, co-operative business?  We're hiring!  

Pick up an application at the counter, they're due by January 31st at 7pm.  People of color, women, trans folks, and queer folks encouraged to apply.  Spanish speaking folks encouraged to apply (translation available for applications/interviews).  We don't hire super often, so if you're interested, please put in an application!


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