hey there pizza lovers...

We're now selling YESTERDAY'S LIGHT BAKES, every morning 'til 11 am (or 'til we run out, whichever comes first!).  Whole pies only, for only $10 bucks!  They are first come, first served, as in, you can't call ahead and reserve them, you just gotta show up and take your chances!  Come 'n' get 'em!

Sunday Streets! July 28th!

Come on by this Sunday for fun times and special goodies!  We'll have Strawberry Shortcake and Peach Coconut Spritzers, as well as our usual Sunday treats, like blueberry snails, fig fennel sourdough, and corn cheddar jalapeno bread.  The pizza of the day will be summer squash, queso fresco and mozzarella cheese, and roasted tomato salsa!

More info about Sunday Streets on their website:


See you there~

Happy Father's Day!

Does dad want to Barbecue this weekend for father's day?  Then we've got your burger's covered!  We will be baking up our delicious Brioche Burger Buns both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. (Available by 11am)  

And while you're here, check out our "Tool Sets," made from our delicious Shortbread.  Full tools sets as well as half sets available this Wednesday until we sell out. 

Walnut Week!

Did you know that May 17th is Walnut Day? From May 15th through May 20th, we will be using walnuts in place of pecans in our Wolverine Loaf/Roll and Pecan Rolls. Let us know what you think!

April 14th, Sunday Streets on Valencia!

Welcome all!  This Sunday, April 14th will be the first Sunday Streets on Valencia for 2013!  From our wonderful experiences of Sunday Streets last year, we can expect a crowd of happy pizza hungry revelers and bikers.  But don't worry, we will be making plenty of extra pizza for everyone as well as most of our usual selection of delicious treats!  A little hint: we'll be making our Mushroom and Goat Cheese pizza with Basil pesto... Yum!

For you Multigrain lovers, we will not be making it this Sunday in order to focus on the products that you want to snack and munch on in the Streets!  If you can't wait a full week to get your Multigrain fix, make sure you pick up a loaf on Friday.

Looking forward to seeing you on your bikes!


Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns

Wow!  We sold out of our amazing Hot Cross Buns, with orange glaze, before noon yesterday!  And they were not ready until 11am...

Don't worry, we made an extra big batch today!  But don't wait around if you need your deliciousness fix today, come on by around 11am for a hot from the oven Hot Cross Bun!  Only $2.75 each.

Support our PARKLET!!!





 We're in the process of applying to build a parklet in front of our bakery!  We intend to utilize 1-2 parking spaces and have a simple design with benches for seating, native plants, and an art component that will face out towards the bike lane.  Our bakery will take full responsibility for building and maintaining the structure.

As a young business on the Valencia St. corridor, we strive to respect and honor the vibrant cultural history of the neighborhood.  Since we opened our store in October of 2010, we have actively sought to make our business an inclusive space for our workers as well as our customers.  With this parklet, our goal is to extend this spirit of inclusion to the public and to foster the Mission as a neighborhood that values long-term residents and the cultural roots of the district we share.  We appreciate our bakery as a community meeting place, centrally located at 24th and Valencia where a diverse range of folks can come together, and we hope that offering a small outdoor space for gathering and respite on the busy corner we inhabit would be a way to give back to the neighborhood. 

We're collecting signatures on this petition, as well as a print version at the bakery, through April 10th.  Please sign our petition or fill out a letter of support if you’re in favor of this project! 




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